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The Czech entry for the 2021 Academy Awards, CHARLATAN is the latest film from Oscar and BAFTA nominated filmmaker Agnieszka Holland, based on the true story of Czech healer Jan Mikolasek

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Students at a seminary in totalitarian Czechoslovakia must decide whether to collaborate with the regime or subject themselves to draconian surveillance by the secret police. Encounters Competition, Berlin Film Festival 2020

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Having remained unavailable for over three decades, Wim Wenders’ 1972 classic THE GOALIE’S ANXIETY AT THE PENALTY KICK returns, restored and remastered in stunning 4K under the direct supervision of Wim Wenders.

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Reconstructing fiction from real life, AFRICA is the cinematic journey of an ageing parent crafted by the hands of his loving son, in this deeply personal story on reinventing oneself, as years go by. Official Selection, Toronto International Film Festival


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