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About AX1

Established in 1997 as Axiom Films, AX1 is a leading independent label that brings together a range of film activities, including the production of feature films and a flourishing distribution division with a rapidly expanding library of high quality film content under direct ownership.

Over the past two decades, AX1 has steadily built a reputation for taking creative risks, working with new talent and original ideas; producing a diverse body of work from directors from all parts of the world. Uniquely, each film project that the company has been involved with has been both a critical and commercial success, frequently winning awards, sold for distribution in most key markets and, without exception, selected to screen at the major international film festivals (Berlin, Cannes, Venice, Toronto).

As a distributor, AX1 directly exploits all rights in films acquired and is widely respected for its innovative and bespoke marketing that includes distinctive campaigns for films such as the Oscar nominated HALF NELSON and FROZEN RIVER and the late Jun Ichikawa’s adaptation of TONY TAKITANI by Haruki Murakami. Consistently adding to what is an already significant collection that includes major films from John Sayles, David O. Russell, Ryan Fleck / Anna Boden as well as established auteur filmmakers such as Ramin Bahrani, Peter Greenaway, Tsai Ming-Liang, José Luis Guerin and Pablo Trapero, the company also owns a major proportion of the acclaimed German filmmaker Wim Wenders’ catalogue, including all the director’s defining early works as well as classics such as PARIS, TEXAS, WINGS OF DESIRE, and BUENA VISTA SOCIAL CLUB.

AX1 is a company consistently associated with quality rather than sheer quantity, and strives to develop its business by fostering close working relationships with some of the most creatively outstanding filmmakers from all parts of the world. The fact that AX1 also acquires films for distribution as well as producing them provides a leading edge in terms of the demands of the international market.

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