Robyn Isaac, Jamie Zubairi, Simon Meacock and Jon Foster in TIDES by Tupaq Felber

All aboard! We're excited to announce a very special preview Q&A screening of TIDES aboard Cinema Fiodra in Little Venice, London on 4 December 2018. Join filmmaker Tupaq Felber and cast members Jon Foster, Red Isaac and Simon Meacock and experience this unique opportunity to watch TIDES on a boat! Early booking recommended! This event is expected to sell out quickly.

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Robyn Isaac (Red) in TIDES by Tupaq Felber

Join writer/director Tupaq Felber for a preview screening of his debut feature, TIDES, at Chichester Film Festival on Friday 10th August, followed by a Q&A with the filmmaker.

Subtle, honest and packed with humour, Tupaq Felber's arresting debut premiered at London Film Festival in 2017. Shot in black and white in real time over a few days and loosely scripted in a collaborative effort with the cast, Felber's unique, naturalistic approach brings a refreshing edge to British film and creates a visually striking and truthful observation on friendship.

Set against the backdrop of Southern England's serene waterways, a group of forty-somethings gather for a sunny weekend reunion on a narrowboat steered by canal boat novice Jon (Jon Foster). Loaded with booze, the gang - Jon, Red (Robyn Isaac), Zooby (Jamie Zubairi) and Simon (Simon Meacock) - swiftly revert to their playful youth; Jon likes to entertain and Red, whether she likes it or not, can't help being a drama queen.

The four unwind, taking in the lush surroundings and sharing banter like the old days. But what soon becomes apparent is that something unspoken is bubbling beneath the surface...

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Wim Wenders on the music in THE GOALIE'S ANXIETY

When I shot my first feature film ‘The Goalie’s Anxiety at the Penalty Kick’ (based on the novel by Peter Handke) in 1971, German public television station WDR was the main sponsor. Back then, co-productions between cinema and television in the sense that we are familiar with them today didn’t exist yet. Since I didn’t even dare to dream of any other uses for the film than German movie theatres and of course television, I definitely didn’t skimp on my music selection when it came to the source music back then and I put a lot of my favourite songs in the film. The German rights were covered by GEMA (the German equivalent of ASCAP) anyways. As the film then did in fact go on to enjoy an international (albeit modest) career, for instance winning the International Film Critics’ Award at my first festival in Venice in 1972, being screened at MoMA in New York etc., the question of the music rights became a problem for and then finally an obstacle to distributing the film. That’s the reason why ‘The Goalie’s Anxiety at the Penalty Kick’ has neither been available for cinema screening nor on DVD for decades now.

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Discover Now: Heaven Knows What

Discover Now takes a closer look at Josh & Benny Safdie's breathtaking feature film HEAVEN KNOWS WHAT.

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Discover Now: Greenaway

Acclaimed British filmmaker Peter Greenaway takes us behind the scenes on the making of Eisenstein in Guanajuato.

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