Fernando Trueba and Jean Rochefort on the set of THE ARTIST AND THE MODEL

In this exclusive clip from our interview with the Oscar-winning director of THE ARTIST AND THE MODEL (released Monday 25 November), Fernando Trueba shares his vision for the film:


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Alan Parker

Congratulations to legendary director Sir Alan Parker on his BAFTA Fellowship at last night’s star-studded awards ceremony in London.

In tribute, and with the release of SIDE BY SIDE in cinemas this Friday, take a look at this exclusive excerpt from an interview with the multi-Oscar nominated director and Keanu Reeves:


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Opera star Christopher Maltman on playing Don Giovanni (Juan) on film

"no lipsyncing... James Bond earpieces... trying to sing whilst shivering and running around and firing guns and killing people and making love to beautiful women..." Christopher Maltman shares some of his experiences performing in Kasper Holten's explosive film adaptation of DON GIOVANNI (JUAN).


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Director Kasper Holten on adapting Mozart's DON GIOVANNI (JUAN) for the screen

Director Kasper Holten discusses the origins of his film adaptation of Mozart's DON GIOVANNI (JUAN), and the decision to have the performers sing live on set. The full interview can be seen on the DVD DON GIOVANNI (JUAN), released in the UK and Ireland.


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Todd Solondz

DARK HORSE is the 2012 feature by acclaimed American director Todd Solondz. As with his previous films, it highlights his skill at navigating a unique course through the representation of the American family. In doing so, he cements his position as one of contemporary cinema’s finest satirists.

International success came early for Solondz with his sophomore feature Welcome to the Dollhouse (1995). It premiered at the Berlin Film Festival, picking up the C.I.C.A.E. award, followed by further success at the Independent Spirit Awards, where its star Heather Matarazzo won the Best Debut Performance award. A brilliant and blackly comic account of an awkward youth’s uneasy relationship with her family (the model of Rockwellian bliss, tempered by Dawn Weiner’s brooding teen angst), it highlighted the director’s skill with actors and also exhibited his dark, unsettling sense of humour.

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