THE LIVING WAKE – Director’s Comments

Director Sol Tryon gives an in-depth account of the making of THE LIVING WAKE starring Mike O’Connell and Jesse Eisenberg.


"From the first moment the script hit my hand until my end of days, my life has changed because of THE LIVING WAKE. Through forged friendships and a raw creative force, this little movie has truly taken on a spirit unto itself.

Mike O’Connell birthed the concept, Peter Kline harnessed and translated it to the page and I visualized a world where K. Roth Binew is king. I envisioned the storybook-like feel, taking place in a beautifully isolated environment. A world that could feel like its own universe yet at the same time strangely familiar. For me, that place was my home state of Maine. The vibrant fall foliage matched with the rustic architecture of the area fit my vision perfectly. I wanted the film to be funny and sad, but also strikingly beautiful. Shaping the dramatic and emotional elements of the story to enhance the comedic wit of the script was of utmost importance to me. K. Roth Binew is such an overwhelming personality that I felt that the audience needed to feel sympathy for him even if they disliked him.

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Michelle Williams and Wim Wenders on LAND OF PLENTY

We’re thrilled Michelle Williams has again been nominated for an Academy Award for best actress, and to celebrate, we delve into the archives and revisit the set of LAND OF PLENTY, where Michelle discusses the making of the film and what it was like to work with iconic film director Wim Wenders.



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IN A BETTER WORLD Interview with Susanne Bier

Director Susanne Bier discusses her Oscar-winning feature IN A BETTER WORLD, a drama about revenge and the power of forgiveness, available on DVD & Blu-ray now.


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Going where no one else dares: the director and cast of Q

Writer/director Laurent Bouhnik and actresses Hélène Zimmer and Léticia Belliccini were in London recently for the Raindance Film Festival and the UK premiere of the controversial new film Q. We took some time with them in-between screenings to discuss the audience reaction to the film and the importance of freedom of expression in cinema.



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MADEMOISELLE CHAMBON Interview with  Stéphane Brizé

Q: How did you discover the novel by Eric Holder upon which MADEMOISELLE CHAMBON is based?

A: I read Eric Holder’s book in 1999 and it really touched me. In particular it was the story between these two simple, pure and honest human beings but especially the silences which the author gave to his narration. It was as if Eric Holder had told me : this is what you should be able to shoot : the power of silence.

Q: Did you see its cinematic potential upon your first reading or did the idea need to gestate within you?

A: To be honest, when I discovered that book I knew at the time that as a man and as a director, I wasn’t mature enough to tackle this adaptation. Since then I had time to make several movies, see many others and to ask myself some questions. As for the man, life did its job…


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