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LET ME GO is a film about mothers and daughters, it is about ghosts from the past and the impact they leave on the present.

Developed from Helga Schneider's true life story, LET ME GO explores the effect on Helga's life of being abandoned by her mother, Traudi, in 1941 when she was just four years old. The film is set in the year 2000 following not only Helga and Traudi's journeys but the next two generations and how Beth, Helga's daughter, and Emily, her granddaughter, are confronted with the long-term effects of Traudi's leaving.

When Helga receives a letter telling her that Traudi is close to death, it is Emily with whom Helga shares the truth. Emily volunteers to accompany her to Vienna to meet the great-grandmother she thought was dead, and experience the unraveling of the darkest of family secrets.

Director: Polly Steele
Writer: Polly Steele
Starring: Juliet Stevenson, Jodhi May, Lucy Boynton, Karin Bertling
Producers: Lizzie Pickering, Polly Steele, David Broder
Executive Producers: Douglas Cummins, Rupert Labrum, Georges Tsitos
Country: UK
Language: English
Genre: Drama
Year of Production: 2017
In Cinemas: 2017

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Journeyman Pictures, Axiom Films, Bonita Films, Goldcrest Pictures, Lulu Productions and Sin Sentido Films

THE GIRL tells the story of a young, single mother from South Texas (Abbie Cornish) who is thrown into an unexpected and life-changing journey when her attempt to smuggle immigrants across the border ends disastrously, leaving her stranded with a young girl from Oaxaca. Official Selection Tribeca Film Festival 2012.

Writer and Director: David Riker
Starring: Abbie Cornish, Maritza Santiago Hernandez, Will Patton
Producer: Paul Mezey
Co-Producers: Douglas Cummins, Christian Valdelievre, Tania Zarak
Line Producers: Rafael Cuervo, Becky Glupczynski, Susan Kirr
Executive Producers: Philipp Engelhorn, Nick Quested
Country: USA
Genre: Drama
Year of Production: 2011
In Cinemas: 2012

* Credits not contractual.


Axiom Films and Cinema Two in association with Matador Pictures, Regent Capital, MET Film and Aria Films present an Axiom Films production

Paul Bettany (Legion, The Da Vinci Code) and Olivia Williams (The Ghost Writer, An Education) front a stellar British cast in a powerful and emotional journey of love, obligation, and conflict, set against the backdrop of London’s multi-cultural suburbia.

Helmed by British director and BAFTA Award nominee Sallie Aprahamian in her debut feature film, and co-written by cast members Doraly Rosa (Mrs Henderson Presents, Love Actually) and Dan Fredenburgh (The Bourne Ultimatum, Love Actually), BROKEN LINES is a romantic tragedy that accentuates the very best in contemporary British cinema.

Director: Sallie Aprahamian
Writers: Dan Fredenburgh, Doraly Rosa
Starring: Paul Bettany, Olivia Williams, Dan Fredenburg, Doraly Rosa, Rita Tushingham, Harriet Walter, Nicholas Le Prevost
Producer: Douglas Cummins
Co-Producer: Carlo Dusi
Executive Producers: Nigel Thomas, Charlotte Walls, Pablo Salame, Jen Gatien, Diandra Douglas, Dan Fredenberg, Doraly Rosa, Luke Montague
Country: UK
Language: English
Genre: Drama
Year of Production: 2008
In Cinemas: 2011

* Credits not contractual.


A Matanza Cine / Axiom Films production in association with Sintra Films, Videofilmes, Notro Films, Andres Wood Producciones, Paradis Films, Icebreaker, Centipede Ventures, INCAA and Programa Ibermedi

The fourth film from one of the most interesting and successful of the young directors forming the so-called "New Wave" in Argentine Cinema, Pablo Trapero follows on from the startling EL BONAERENSE and the acclaimed road movie ROLLING FAMILY (FAMILIA RODANTE) with BORN AND BRED (NACIDO Y CRIADO), a typically intimate story from an artist fascinated by interior states of mind and exterior realities. With stunning widescreen cinematography, an exquisite soundtrack and excellent performances from Guillermo Pfening and Federico Esquerro, it is Pablo Trapero's most striking and personal film to date.

Santiago (Guillermo Pfening) is a successful interior designer, husband to Milli (Martina Gusman) and loving father to daughter, Josefina (Victoria Vescio). His veneer of urban contentment in Buenos Aires is torn away when tragedy strikes unexpectedly. Re-appearing in the frozen landscapes of Patagonia, and changed beyond recognition, Santiago begins a self-imposed penance in a wilderness of outsiders. Yet great camaraderie and warm humour characterise the friendships formed, bringing hope to the torments of Santi's unalterable past.

Director: Pablo Trapero
Writers: Pablo Trapero, Mario Rulloni
Starring: Guillermo Pfening, Martina Gusman, Federico Esquerro, Tomás Lipan
Producers: Douglas Cummins, Pablo Trapero
Co-Producers: Rocio Freire-Bernat, Walter Salles, Rosanna Seregni, Marc Sillam, Andres Wood
Executive Producer: Martina Gusman
Country: Argentina, Italy, UK
Language: Spanish
Genre: Drama
Year of Production: 2006
In Cinemas: 2007

* Credits not contractual.


Matanza Cine, Pol-Ka Producciones and Buena Onda Films in co-production with Axiom Films, Paradis Films, Pandora Film, Videofilmes, Lumina Films and Alta Classics with the support of INCAA, Le Fonds Sud, Hubert Bals Fund, Fondazione Montecinema Verita, Programa Ibermedia, Filmstiftung Nordrhein-Westfalen, ZDF - Arte

Official Selection at Venice Film Festival 2004, ROLLING FAMILY (FAMILIA RODANTE) is a moving road movie about family relationships, the third film from acclaimed Argentinean director Pablo Trapero, based on his own experiences and the anecdotes of family and close friends.

It's Grandma's 84th birthday and the disparate family gathers to pay homage to their matriarch, unaware of the bombshell she's about to drop... She's been invited to be the matron of honour at her niece's wedding in the remote village where she was brought up, over a thousand kilometres away from Buenos Aires, and expects them all to go with her. Unable to defend themselves against the heavy dose of emotional blackmail she lays on them, thirteen members of four generations of the same family cram into the back of a twenty year old camper van and set off.

In this confined space, as the days pass and the van hobbles its way towards its destination, emotions ride high and old grudges and jealousies start bubbling to the surface, along with well kept secrets and sexual tensions, new and past.

Excruciating and hilarious in equal measure in its raw depiction of family politics, Trapero's own grandmother, a non-professional actress, plays the family matriarch lending the film reality, charm and sympathy.

Director: Pablo Trapero
Writer: Pablo Trapero
Starring: Ruth Dobel, Federico Esquerro, Carlos Resta, Graciana Chironi
Producers: Donald K. Ranvaud, Pablo Trapero, Robert Bevan
Co-Producers: Douglas Cummins, Christoph Friedel, Marc Sillam
Line Producers: Nicolás Martínez Zemborain, Lilia Scenna
Executive Producers: Hugo Castro Fau, Martina Gusman
Country: Argentina, Brazil, Spain, Germany, UK
Language: Spanish
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Year of Production: 2004
In Cinemas: 2005

* Credits not contractual.

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