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With our full Pablo Trapero collection now available on Curzon Home Cinema, it seems only fitting that this highly acclaimed film-maker be the focus for the launch of our new retrospective digital series - Discover Now.

Born in San Justo, Buenos Aires in 1971, Pablo Trapero began his international career in 1999 with his first feature CRANE WORLD (MUNDO GRÚA). The black and white, 16mm film marked a turning point in Argentinean film-making, and encouraged numerous young directors into their first features forming the so-called "New Wave" in Argentine cinema. CRANE WORLD (MUNDO GRÚA) had its international premiere at the Venice Film Festival, and went on to reap awards and critical acclaim at film festivals around the globe.

In 2002, Trapero’s second feature, EL BONAERENSE premiered in Un Certain Regard at the Cannes Film Festival, and once more the director received widespread critical and audience acclaim. That same year, he formed his own production company, Matanza Cine, in Buenos Aires, through which he has produced ever since, not only his own features but those of other Argentinean and Latin American film-makers.

Further features as director include ROLLING FAMILY (FAMILIA RODANTE - AX1 co-produced) which debuted at the Venice Film Festival, BORN AND BRED (NACIDO Y CRIADO - AX1 co-produced), LION’S DEN (LEONERA), CARANCHO (THE VULTURE) and WHITE ELEPHANT (ELEFANTO BLANCO). All these films have been commercially released in Argentina and abroad, and also presented in major film festivals around the world. Apart from his feature films Trapero has made short films such as INTERSECCIONES, SOBRAS (from “Stories on Human Rights”), NÓMADE (included in “25 Miradas - 200 Minutos”) and NAIF (from “Visual Telegrams”). His latest film THE CLAN won the Goya award for Best Spanish Language Foreign Film and the Silver Lion for Best Director.



We first shine the spotlight on Trapero’s fourth film, BORN AND BRED (NACIDO Y CRIADO), a typically intimate feature from an artist fascinated by interior states of mind and exterior realities. With stunning widescreen cinematography, an exquisite soundtrack and excellent performances from Guillermo Pfening and Federico Esquerro, it is one of Pablo Trapero's most striking and personal films to date.

BORN AND BRED tells the story of Santiago (Guillermo Pfening), a successful interior designer, husband to Milli (Martina Gusman) and loving father to daughter, Josefina (Victoria Vescio). His translucent veneer of urban contentment in Buenos Aires is torn away when tragedy strikes unexpectedly. Re-appearing in the frozen landscapes of Patagonia, and changed beyond recognition, Santiago begins a self-imposed penance in a wilderness of outsiders. Yet great camaraderie and warm humour characterise the friendships formed, bringing hope to the torments of Santi's unalterable past.

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Pablo Trapero on BORN & BRED



“The title NACIDO Y CRIADO (BORN & BRED) has its origin in Patagonia. It’s the term southern people use to refer to people born and bred in the area. But we’re also born and bred everywhere and the film also tries to cover the issue of identity.

It’s the story of Santiago, a 35 year old man who has a daughter and a young wife, Milli. Santiago and Milli wonder how to recover the love they felt so many years ago. The film starts at this moment and Santiago is responsible for a car accident which unleashes a tragedy.

Santiago flees from Buenos Aires to seek shelter more than 2000km away in the Patagonia, to try to rebuild his life. He decides to go and fulfil a sentence, and the weather, distance and the new life he chooses are the damnation he must face everyday. In this region there are people from many parts of Latin America. All of them come to work in the mining industry and many are, as Santiago, trying to rebuild their lives.

The story is told from Santiago’s point of view and his thoughts, emotions, ghosts are revealed. There are moments where we wonder if what he is living is reality or if what he shows us are his ghosts. The film talks about pain… different kinds of pain: of losing love, losing a couple, losing a family. Santiago’s pain and the ghosts from his past are what drive this film. Santiago is forced to face his past again, to re-think and re-build his life”.

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