A young man
gazes at a young woman.
He tries to grasp
the mystery of a face,
of a gesture…
then he peeps at
another one
…and another one
Like a dreamer
(or a painter or a filmmaker
looking for his actress)
That young man, we know
nothing about him, gets
defined just by what he
He shapes with the gaze
whatever he wants to see
To see
with him
and seeing him
…gazing, with the city and
the people around him.
The environment
and the figure
The figure comes
with the image,
the environment
with the sound:
drifting dialogues of
the passers-by, mixing
fragments of music
and T.V. sets, bells
bicycles and streetcars.
If the figure vanishes,
the environment evokes it:
An empty bottle rolling
down the street, the bell
of a shop, the arrival
of a tramway…
everything is evocation.
To search those simple,
even tiny, motifs that reveal
themselves as complex only
through cinema.
For instance:
the gravitation of a name
over the faces and streets
of a city.
a word
a sound
a possible

José Luis Guerín is the writer/director of IN THE CITY OF SYLVIA - is available on DVD and VOD through AX1 Films.