Michelle Williams and Wim Wenders on LAND OF PLENTY

We’re thrilled Michelle Williams has again been nominated for an Academy Award for best actress, and to celebrate, we delve into the archives and revisit the set of LAND OF PLENTY, where Michelle discusses the making of the film and what it was like to work with iconic film director Wim Wenders.




LAND OF PLENTY is available now on DVD & VOD. The DVD includes additional footage from "The Making of Land of Plenty" plus an exclusive in-depth interview with Wim Wenders by critic Mark Cousins.

Angered by the American government’s response to the events of 11 September 2001, LAND OF PLENTY is one of Wim Wenders's most impassioned films.

Lana (Oscar™ nominee Michelle Williams) returns from missionary work overseas in order to find her uncle (John Diehl), amidst the paranoia of post 9/11 America. What she discovers is a country in pain, whose growing underbelly of poor and dispossessed are a portent of hopelessness for the future.

Featuring The Wire's Wendell Pierce and Shaun Toub (Crash, Iron Man), LAND OF PLENTY is an urgent call for harmony in a world torn apart by violence and extremism.

LAND OF PLENTY is available on DVD and VOD through AX1 Films.