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Of Horses and Men

Director: Benedikt Erlingsson

Cast Summary:

Ingvar E. Sigurðsson, Charlotte Bøving, Steinn Ármann Magnússon, Helgi Björnsson, Kristbjörg Kjeld, Sigríður María Egilsdóttir

Winner of the Best New Director award at the San Sebastián Film Festival and numerous accolades internationally, Benedikt Erlingsson’s critically acclaimed debut feature OF HORSES AND MEN is a darkly comedic, episodic tale of the lives of a remote Icelandic community and the deeply intertwined and highly emotive relationships with their horses.

Off the Black

Director: James Ponsoldt

Cast Summary:

Nick Nolte, Trevor Morgan, Timothy Hutton. Rosemarie DeWitt, Sally Kirkland

Premiering in 'Official Selection' at the Sundance Film Festival 2006, JAMES PONSOLDT's debut film is an assured and beautifully played drama about a broken man's redemptive relationship with the son he never had. Featuring an outstanding leading performance from two-time Oscar-nominee NICK NOLTE (Hotel Rwanda, Hulk, The Thin Red Line), the film also stars TREVOR MORGAN (Mean Creek, The Patriot), ROSEMARIE DEWITT (Rachel Getting Married), Oscar-winner TIMOTHY HUTTON (The Good Shepherd, Kinsey) and Oscar-nominee SALLY KIRKLAND (Bruce Almighty, EDTV).

One Who Set Forth

Director: Marcel Wehn

Cast Summary:

Wim Wenders, Donata Wenders, Peter Handke, Robby Müller, Rüdiger Vogler, Bruno Ganz, Lisa Kreuzer

The early films of Wim Wenders are now regarded as landmarks of European film. Alice in the Cities, Wrong Move and Kings of the Road became foundations of the German New Wave and cemented the reputation of their director.

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