Regions: Asia

I Don't Want to Sleep Alone

Director: Tsai Ming-Liang

Cast Summary:

Lee Kang-Sheng, Chen Shiang-Chyi, Norman Bin Atun

Shooting for the first time in Malaysia after 7 features set primarily in Taipei, director Tsai Ming-Liang returns to his birthplace with a film unlike any of his prior works. Different in texture, mood and feel, and featuring a cast of multi-cultural and multi-lingual characters, the vivid, crowded, neon-lit streets of Kuala Lumpur come alive as only master director Tsai Ming-Liang can capture... As with most of Tsai's films, actor Lee Kang-Sheng is featured, this time in dual roles as both a homeless bum and a paralysed young man.


Director: Neten Chokling

Cast Summary:

Jamyang Lodro

In his directorial debut, Buddhist lama Neten Chokling vividly presents the captivating story of Milarepa, the man who would become Tibet’s greatest yogi.

Mountain Patrol

Director: Lu Chuan

Cast Summary:

Duo Bujie, Zhang Lei, Qi Liang, Zhao Xueying, Ma Zhanlin

Based on a true story, this shattering, extraordinary, and critically acclaimed action-adventure epic was among the highlights of the London Film Festival in 2005. Filmed entirely on location in the vast mountain range of the Kekexili, director Lu Chuan battled extreme conditions to bring to the screen this beautifully shot masterpiece of cinematic storytelling. An absolute 'must see' feature.

Riding Alone for Thousands of Miles

Director: Zhang Yimou

Cast Summary: Takakura Ken, Terajima Shinobu, Nakai Kiichi

From three-time Academy Award nominated director Zhang Yimou - best known in recent years for his breathtaking action masterpieces HERO and HOUSE OF FLYING DAGGERS - and producer Bill Kong (CROUCHING TIGER, HIDDEN DRAGON) comes a moving story of one man's journey across China's heartland. RIDING ALONE FOR THOUSANDS OF MILES stars the legendary actor Ken Takakura, and Japanese stars Terajima Shinobu and Nakai Kiichi.

The Housemaid

Director: Im Sang Soo

Cast Summary:

Do-yeon Jeon, Jung-Jae Lee, Seo-Hyeon Ahn, Seo Woo, Yeo-Jong Yun

A sexy and stylishly crafted psychological thriller that keeps you on the edge of your seat, THE HOUSEMAID (Cannes ‘Palme d’Or’ nominee) tells the tale of one woman’s influence that tears a rich family apart.

The Wayward Cloud

Director: Tsai Ming-Liang

Cast Summary:

Lee Kang-Sheng, Chen Shiang-Chyi, Lu Yi-Ching, Yang Kuei-Mei, Sumomo Yozakura

Taiwan's official contender for Oscar nomination, Ming-Liang Tsai's latest outrageous blend of sex, comedy, musical and drama went down a storm at the London Film Festival, leaving some audience members completely stunned. Daring, controversial and very funny.

Tony Takitani

Director: Jun Ichikawa

Cast Summary:

Issey Ogata, Rie Miyazawa, Hidetoshi Nishijima

An award-winning and unprecedented film adaptation of the work of internationally-acclaimed author, HARUKI MURAKAMI, director JUN ICHIKAWA brings to the screen Murakami's emotive tale of solitude and obsession accompanied by a haunting original soundtrack from Academy Award-winning composer and musician, RYUICHI SAKAMOTO. Starring ISSEY OGATA and RIE MIYAZAWA, this unique film is one of the finest adaptations of the work of a major writer ever brought to the screen.


Director: Diao Yinan

Cast Summary:

Liang Hung-li, Xiao Jian, Zhen Shuo-qiong, Zheng Shasha

The directorial debut of Yinan Diao (writer of the acclaimed comedy drama SHOWER), UNIFORM is a taut thriller that exposes the corrupting influence of poverty in contemporary China.

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