Director: Wim Wenders

Country:  Germany, USA

Year of Production:  1985

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"If in our century there are still sacred things, if there were something like a sacred treasure of the cinema, then for me that would have to be the work of the Japanese director Yasujiro Ozu."

In TOKYO-GA, WIM WENDERS travels to the city of his cinematic hero, YASUJIRO OZU, hoping to still find the spirit of the director in the twenty years since his death. What he discovers is a city consuming itself through material desire. The age of Ozu and the simplicity with which he filmed the world around him has disappeared. In its place is a society driven by constant change. Accepting that the cinematic medium has also changed, Wim Wenders transforms his film into a treatise on the nature of recording everyday life.

Featuring an encounter with fellow filmmaker WERNER HERZOG, a conversation with one of Ozu's regular actors, CHISHU RYU, and a moving tribute by the director's long-term cameraman, YUUHARU ATSUTA, TOKYO-GA celebrates the work of a director whose films 'actually and continuously dealt with life itself'.

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Chishu Ryu, Yuharu Atsuta, Werner Herzog


Director: Wim Wenders


Wim Wenders


Chris Sievernich, Wim Wenders

Production Details

Country:  Germany, USA

Year of Production:  1985

Language:  English


  • English

Duration:  89 minutes

Shooting gauge:  35mm and 16mm

Original aspect ratio:  1.33:1



  • Documentary

DVD Release Date:  27th October 2008

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