Moomin And Midsummer Madness

Director: Maria Lindberg

Country:  Finland

Year of Production:  2008


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About the film:

The adorable animated characters return to the UK & Ireland this Summer in MOOMIN AND MIDSUMMER MADNESS, based on the best-selling book by author Tove Jansson, one of the most successful children’s writers of all-time.

Praised for their connection with young children and their focus on values, these charming characters have become iconic figures, spawning a multi-million pound global franchise. From New York, to London and Tokyo, the original books have been translated into 44 different languages and the Moomin brand can be found attached to everything from clothing, toys and kitchenware, to shops, cafés and even a theme park!

MOOMIN AND MIDSUMMER MADNESS has been created using digitally re-mastered and re-structured HD material from the original, beloved animated television series, based on Tove Jansson's well-known book. A wonderfully enchanting story, ready to capture the hearts of children once again.


It's been a long, hot summer in the Moomin Valley. All of the creatures are becoming bored with the unchanging season — until a volcanic eruption causes a major flood. As the Moomin family searches for refuge, they are rescued by a floating abandoned house. But this is no house, and it's definitely not abandoned. Occupied by the feisty Emma, the Moomin learn that the building is actually a theatre. With plenty of costumes and props to occupy their time, soon the family is engrossed in creating their own play — the first ever Moomin stage production!

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Richard M Dumont, Mark Camacho, Kathleen Fee, Todd Fennell, Holly Gauthier-Frankel, Sonja Ball, Arthur Holden.


Director: Maria Lindberg


Iivo Baric, Minna Karvonen, Tove Jansson (book), English translation: Rosa Aaltonen, Kathleen Fee


Tom Carpelan

Editor:  Maria Lindberg

Production Details

Country:  Finland

Year of Production:  2008

Language:  English

Duration:  71 minutes

Original aspect ratio:  1.78:1


DVD Release Date:  23rd June 2014

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