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UK producer/distributor, AX1 Films has acquired the Japanese film, TONY TAKITANI from French sales house, Celluloid Dreams. The film was produced by Japan’s Wilco. Ltd.

Nominated for the Grand Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival and winner of the Special Jury Prize and the International Critics' Prize at the Locarno Film Festival, 'Tony Takitani' is an unprecedented film adaptation of the work of internationally-acclaimed author, HARUKI MURAKAMI (“Sputnik Sweetheart”, "The Wind Up Bird Chronicles” and “Kafka On The Shore”), and is based on Murakami’s short story “Tony Takitani” first published in the New Yorker magazine in 2002.

Director, JUN ICHIKAWA has brilliantly brought to the screen Murakami’s emotive tale of solitude and obsession accompanied by a haunting original soundtrack from Academy Award-winning composer and musician, RYUICHI SAKAMOTO. Starring performer/comedian ISSEY OGATA (“The Sun”) and RIE MIYAZAWA, this unique film is one of the finest adaptations of the work of a major writer ever brought to the screen.