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GOOD, a feature adaptation of C P Taylor’s acclaimed play about an otherwise moral professor who formulates Hitler’s Final Solution, is to shoot on location in Berlin in the second part of this year.

Danish director Lone Scherfig will shoot the film in Potsdam, central Berlin and the city’s Olympic stadium, built for the Nazi Olympics in 1936.

French sales house Celluloid Dreams have this week boarded the English-language film, which is produced by Miriam Segal and Sarah Boote of Tailor-Made Films, who developed the script and AX1's Douglas Cummins.

John Wrathall’s screenplay tells the story of the vacillating John Halder, a sensitive, neurotic professor sucked into the Third Reich after writing a treatise on the social benefits of euthanasia. The filmmakers will recreate Auschwitz in their portrayal of how Halder fails to recognize the mounting evil around him.

Scherfig, whose credits include ITALIAN FOR BEGINNERS and WILBUR WANTS TO KILL HIMSELF, has

a lightness of touch in a very dark subject,

said Miriam Segal adding,

her ability to breathe life into her characters and into their relationships with such a subtle touch, and her flair for finding both the bitter and the sweet in every situation, made her the definitive choice to direct Good.

Hengameh Panahi said,

Celluloid Dreams is extremely proud to be associated with a project of this calibre. The script is superb and the director has real vision. It will a delight to work with AX1 as well - they are incredibly supportive partners.