Australian Film Finance Corporation presents in association with The New South Wales Film and Television Office, Axiom Films and SBS Independent an Autumn Films production

Official Selection at Berlin Film Festival and winner of the Best Debut Film and Best Young Actress in a Leading Role awards at Berlin, BENEATH CLOUDS is a modern day love story and a journey of hope, friendship and the search for a place to belong.

Lena is a fair skinned girl with a dark skinned mother, who lives in an isolated town in the Australian countryside. Rejecting the Indigenous family that surrounds her, she longs for the love of her absent Irish father.

Vaughan is a dark skinned teenage boy, who lives in an isolated prison camp. He is angry at the White world that surrounds him and lashes out when provoked. Incarceration has made him old before his time and has separated him from the love of his family.

In this beautiful and poignant road movie from writer/director Ivan Sen, these two hardened young souls escape from their worlds and hitchhike together towards Sydney in a struggle for purpose, identity and love.

Director: Ivan Sen
Writer: Ivan Sen
Starring: Dannielle Hall, Damian Pitt
Producer: Teresa-Jayne Hanlon
Executive Producer: Douglas Cummins
Country: Australia
Language: English
Genre: Drama
Year of Production: 2001
In Cinemas: 2002

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