A Matanza Cine / Axiom Films production in association with Sintra Films, Videofilmes, Notro Films, Andres Wood Producciones, Paradis Films, Icebreaker, Centipede Ventures, INCAA and Programa Ibermedi

The fourth film from one of the most interesting and successful of the young directors forming the so-called "New Wave" in Argentine Cinema, Pablo Trapero follows on from the startling EL BONAERENSE and the acclaimed road movie ROLLING FAMILY (FAMILIA RODANTE) with BORN AND BRED (NACIDO Y CRIADO), a typically intimate story from an artist fascinated by interior states of mind and exterior realities. With stunning widescreen cinematography, an exquisite soundtrack and excellent performances from Guillermo Pfening and Federico Esquerro, it is Pablo Trapero's most striking and personal film to date.

Santiago (Guillermo Pfening) is a successful interior designer, husband to Milli (Martina Gusman) and loving father to daughter, Josefina (Victoria Vescio). His veneer of urban contentment in Buenos Aires is torn away when tragedy strikes unexpectedly. Re-appearing in the frozen landscapes of Patagonia, and changed beyond recognition, Santiago begins a self-imposed penance in a wilderness of outsiders. Yet great camaraderie and warm humour characterise the friendships formed, bringing hope to the torments of Santi's unalterable past.

Director: Pablo Trapero
Writers: Pablo Trapero, Mario Rulloni
Starring: Guillermo Pfening, Martina Gusman, Federico Esquerro, Tomás Lipan
Producers: Douglas Cummins, Pablo Trapero
Co-Producers: Rocio Freire-Bernat, Walter Salles, Rosanna Seregni, Marc Sillam, Andres Wood
Executive Producer: Martina Gusman
Country: Argentina, Italy, UK
Language: Spanish
Genre: Drama
Year of Production: 2006
In Cinemas: 2007

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