A Rezo Productions and Axiom Films co-production with France 2 Cinema and Rhone-Alpes Cinema in association with Sofica Sofinergie 5, France Television Images 2 and Rezo Films with the participation of the Rhone-Alpes region, Centre National de la Cinematographie and Canal+

Starring Kristen Scott Thomas and Daniel Auteuil, and selected for Competition at Berlin Film Festival 2003, SMALL CUTS (PETITES COUPURES) tells the story of Bruno, a communist newspaper journalist suffering a mid-life crisis.

Torn between his wife Gaëlle (Emmanuel Devos) and his young girlfriend Nathalie (Ludivine Sagnier), his political beliefs battered by the wind of history, Bruno seems to have lost his bearings. After responding to a call for help from his uncle (Jean Yanne), who is fighting a losing battle for re-election as the communist mayor of a small town near Grenoble, Bruno gets lost in a dark forest.

There he meets Béatrice (Kristin Scott Thomas), who does nothing to stop him getting even more lost...

Director: Pascal Bonitzer
Writers: Pascal Bonitzer, Emmanuel Salinger
Starring: Kristin Scott Thomas, Daniel Auteuil, Pascale Bussieres, Ludivine Sagnier
Producers: Philippe Liégeois, Jean-Michel Rey
Co-Producer: Douglas Cummins
Country: France, UK
Language: French
Genre: Drama
Year of Production: 2003
In Cinemas: 2003

* Credits not contractual.