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Based on the Australian writer Gordon Graham's highly acclaimed award-winning play, THE BOYS is set in the suburbs of Sydney and follows the life of Brett Sprague as he returns to his family after twelve months in prison.

Things have changed while Brett has been away – his brother Glenn has moved out with his girlfriend Jackie, younger brother Stevie’s pregnant girlfriend Nola now lives with the family and his mother Sandra has taken a shine to a Maori drifter. Having lost the hold he once had over his family, Brett can no longer keep his anger and frustration at bay. Intent on restoring order and dominance, Brett soon wields his power in a most terrifying way.

This unforgettable drama features an outstanding ensemble cast including Toni Collette (The Sixth Sense), David Wenham (The Lord of the Rings) and John Polson (Mission Impossible II). Nominated for the Golden Bear Award, 1998 Berlin International Film Festival.

Director: Rowan Woods
Screenplay by: Stephen Sewell
Based upon the original play: "The Boys" by Gordon Graham
Starring: David Wenham, Toni Collette, Lynette Curran, John Polson, Jeanette Cronin, Anthony Hayes, Anna Lise, Pete Smith
Producers: Robert Connolly, John Maynard
Associate Producer: David Wenham
Executive Producer: Douglas Cummins
Country: Australia
Language: English
Genre: Drama, Thriller
Year of Production: 1998
In Cinemas: 1998

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