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Born and Bred

Director: Pablo Trapero

Writers: Mario Rilloni, Pablo Trapero

Cast: Guillermo Pfening, 
Martina Gusmán, Federico Esquerro, Juan Alonso

Producers: Douglas Cummins,

Pablo Trapero


Rocio Freire-Bernat, Walter Salles, Rosanna Seregni, Marc Sillam,

Andrés Wood

Country: Argentina / Italy / UK

Distribution / International Sales:


Year: 2006


Widely applauded by critics, and Official Selection at both Toronto and Rome Film Festivals, BORN & BRED is Argentinean director Pablo Trapero's follow up to the highly acclaimed Familia Rodante. 

BORN & BRED tells the story of Santiago (Guillermo Pfening), a successful interior designer, husband to Milli (Martina Gusman) and loving father to daughter Josefina (Victoria Vescio), whose veneer of urban contentment in Buenos Aires is torn away when tragedy strikes unexpectedly. Re-appearing in the frozen landscapes of Patagonia, and changed beyond recognition, Santiago begins a self-imposed penance in a wilderness of outsiders. Yet a warm camaraderie and humour characterise the friendships formed, offering hope to a soul tormented by the ghosts of an unalterable past. Santiago must re-engage with the present to remain one step ahead of insanity. 

Official Selection:

Toronto International Film Festival 2006

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