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Ed Hardy: Tattoo The World

Director: Emiko Omori

Cast: Ed Hardy, Lyle Tuttle

Duration: 1h 15min

Language: English

Country: United States

Cert: Exempt

Year: 2010

From humble tattooist to multi-million-dollar brand name, meet the extraordinary artist who brought tattoo imagery from the shadows into mainstream America.

In 1955 most 10-year-old boys dreamed of growing up to be firemen or jet pilots.  But young Don Ed Hardy had the wild idea of being a tattoo artist.  Hardy saw his calling in the mystical images of pierced hearts, fighting eagles, and flaming eyeballs. Trained in the fine arts, his unique artistic sensibility defies categories and has transformed contemporary culture. It's no surprise that Hardy's artwork - perfected over 50 years of refinement - has worldwide appeal.  His signature has emblazoned clothing worn by Madonna, Bruce Springsteen and Mick Jagger and been seen on “Saturday Night Live” and “30 Rock”. ED HARDY: TATTOO THE WORLD is a trip through the phantasmagorical mind of this visionary artist, his phenomenal rise to cult icon and the evolution of his vibrant personal art.

ED HARDY: TATTOO THE WORLD - The Lure of Forbidden Art
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“an excellent documentary" 
DVD Verdict

“it is the mix of personal and historical that sets this documentary apart" New York Times
“This film is an absolute revelation, I’ll never look at tattoos in the same way again" Skin Deep
“Ed Hardy aka the God of tattoos" Cosmopolitan
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