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Director: Vicente Amorim

Writers: John Wrathall (screenplay), 

C. P. Taylor (stage play)

Cast: Viggo Mortensen, Jason Isaacs, Jodie Whittaker, Steven Mackintosh, Mark Strong, Gemma Jones,

Ruth Gemmell

Producers: Sarah Boote,

Billy Dietrich, Kevin Loader,

Dan Lupovitz, Miriam Segal

Executive Producers: 

Douglas Cummins, Karsten Brünig, Danielle Dajani, Simon Fawcett,

Rexal Ford, Peter Hampden,

Stephen Hayes, Jason Isaacs,

Norman Merry, Brian O'Shea, 

Julia Jay Pierrepont III

Country: UK / Germany

Distribution / International Sales:


Year: 2008


Using one man's moral decline to express the fate of an entire nation, GOOD is a devastating drama set in Germany in the 1930's based on the acclaimed play by CP Taylor.

Starring Oscar-nominee Viggo Mortensen in a dazzling change-of-pace performance, the story centres around John Halder, an enlightened intellectual who gets swept up by the momentum of Hitler's rise to power.

Though basically a good human being, Halder has a number of personal and professional problems that are suddenly solved when he agrees to do a small service for a powerful political figure. Though no single action of Halder's is particularly harmful in and of itself, the accumulated effect of rendering a number of such services in exchange for a number of increasingly compromising rewards, takes its toll.

One day, this seemingly "good" man, wakes up to discover that, like countless other German citizens, he has become a Nazi.

Official Selection:

Toronto International Film Festival 2008

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