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Mademoiselle Chambon

Director: Stéphane Brizé 

Writers: Stéphane Brizé, 

Florence Vignon 

from the book by Eric Holder 

Cast: Vincent Lindon,

Sandrine Kiberlain, Aure Atika

Duration: 1h 41min

Language: French

Country: France

Cert: 12

Year: 2009

Following the international success of NOT HERE TO BE LOVED, acclaimed French director Stéphane Brizé returns with MADEMOISELLE CHAMBON, a meticulously crafted romantic drama. Based on the novel by Éric Holder, MADEMOISELLE CHAMBON was awarded Best Adapted Screenplay at the 2010 César Awards.


Starring Vincent Lindon (ANYTHING FOR HER) and Sandrine Kiberlain (A SELF MADE HERO), MADEMOISELLE CHAMBON is an elegant and moving tale of an unexpected romance between a married man, Jean (Lindon), and his son's school teacher, Véronique Chambon (Kiberlain). As their feelings for each other slowly take hold, Jean and Veronique, who come from vastly different worlds, reach a painful turning point that will affect their lives forever.


A story of forbidden love that has bewitched audiences and critics worldwide, and featuring Franz von Vescey’s unforgettable Valse Triste, MADEMOISELLE CHAMBON is a "heart-breaking and emotionally ambiguous twist on Brief Encounter" (Time Out) that reaches deep into our most hidden desires and the perilous path on which they lead us.

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Best Adapted Screenplay
César Awards 2010
Best Foreign Film
Film Independent Spirit Awards 2011
“a must-see" ★★★★
The Independent
The Guardian
“nearly perfect" 
New York Times
The Times
Brief Encounter, French-style... it's terrific"
Dave Aldridge, BBC Radio 5 Live
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