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Power Alley (Levante)

Director: Lillah Halla

Writers: María Elena Morán, 

Lillah Halla

Cast: Ayomi Domenica Dias,

Loro Bardot, Grace Passô,

Gláucia Vandeveld, Rômulo Braga

Duration: 1h 32min

Language: Brazilian Portuguese / Spanish

Country: Brazil / France / Uruguay

Cert: TBC

Year: 2023

Hard times require furious playing...

On the eve of a future-defining championship, promising volleyball player Sofia (17) is faced with an unwanted pregnancy. Seeking an illegal termination, she becomes the target of a fundamentalist group determined to stop her at any cost – but neither Sofia nor those who love her are willing to surrender to the blind fervour of the swarm.

Coming Soon
Loro Bardot and Ayomi Domenica Dias in Lillah Halla's debut feature film Power Alley (Levante)
Cannes Film Festival 2023
Critics' Week Grand Prize
Queer Palm
Camera d'Or
Cannes Film Festival 2023
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