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Rolling Family (Familia Rodante)

Director: Pablo Trapero

Writer: Pablo Trapero

Cast: Graciana Chironi,

Adelina Bielopolsky, Ludmila Stancer, 

Josefina Santín

Producers: Robert Bevan,

Donald Ranvaud, Pablo Trapero


Douglas Cummins, Christoph Friedel, Marc Sillam

Country: Argentina / Brazil / France / Germany / Spain / UK

Distribution / International Sales:

Lumina Films

Year: 2004


Official Selection at Venice Film Festival, ROLLING FAMILY (Familia Rodante) is a moving road movie about family relationships, the third film from acclaimed Argentinean director Pablo Trapero, based on his own experiences and the anecdotes of family and close friends.

It's Grandma's 84th birthday and the disparate family gathers to pay homage to their matriarch, unaware of the bombshell she's about to drop... She's been invited to be the matron of honour at her niece's wedding in the remote village where she was brought up, over a thousand kilometres away from Buenos Aires, and expects them all to go with her. Unable to defend themselves against the heavy dose of emotional blackmail she lays on them, thirteen members of four generations of the same family cram into the back of a twenty year old camper van and set off.

In this confined space, as the days pass and the van hobbles its way towards its destination, emotions ride high and old grudges and jealousies start bubbling to the surface, along with well kept secrets and sexual tensions, new and past.

Excruciating and hilarious in equal measure in its raw depiction of family politics, Trapero's own grandmother, a non-professional actress, plays the family matriarch lending the film reality, charm and sympathy.

Official Selection:

Venice International Film Festival 2004

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