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Student Services

Director: Emmanuelle Bercot

Writer: Emmanuelle Bercot

CastDéborah François, Alain Cauchi, Mathieu Demi, Benjamin Siksou

Duration: 1h 44min

Language: French

Country: France

Cert: 18

Year: 2010

Freshman student Laura, the stunning Déborah François (Populaire, The Page Turner), is struggling to make ends meet, despite holding down a part-time job. Desperate for cash, she answers an Internet ad: Joe, 57, seeks female student for tender moments. One hundred euros an hour. Just this once, she promises herself. But what should have been a one-off becomes a downward spiral, as Laura grows gradually more reliant on her illicit second income. Finding herself in a new bed every night, Laura’s situation becomes increasingly dangerous.

From uncompromising writer-director Emmanuelle Bercot (Clement) and based on the notorious memoir of a former student prostitute, STUDENT SERVICES (Mes chères études) is as compelling as it is shocking.

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